Restore the youth of your face in a safe and harmonious way.

Facial Fillers are basically used to fight one of the main characteristics of facial aging, which is the loss of volume in the central part of the face. By increasing the volume in the right places, we reverse these changes without distorting your face or changing your expression.

When we are older, what happens is that under the eyes and around the cheeks, the bones begin to decrease in volume, as well as all the structures of the face, so the skin begins to hang, this The fall of the tissues is responsible for marking the furrows that can be seen between the nose and the corner of the mouth and the famous puppet lines that go from the corners to the chin.

What can be done?

Thanks to technological advances we can delay or even reverse these effects by means of facial filling, there are two types: permanent and temporary fillings.

The permanent are those in which the patient must enter the operating room, fat will be extracted from another area of ​​your body, this fat will be treated to be used in the face area.

The disadvantage is that a very complex process, the fat to be assimilated as body fat, when gaining weight, increases its volume and if you lose weight it decreases. The area is extremely inflamed and can take at least a month to see the final results.

Therefore, temporary fillers – those that use hyaluronic acid – are currently the most used.

They have a variable duration of 6 months to a year and a half, depending on the type of filling.

The hyaluronic acid can be used anywhere on the face, can be used very superficially to reduce fine wrinkles that are caused by regular damage to the skin, and can be progressed in depth using fillers that are denser than usual they are used to give more volume, for example in the chin.


Doubts and Fears

The most common is that it causes an excess of volume that can distort the face. It should be noted that whenever applied by health professionals, in particular plastic surgeons, this fear is unfounded since very small amounts are used in different areas of the face.

Another recurring fear is that the filling affects the natural movement of the face. It is very important to emphasize that in spite of being a simple procedure, it requires the application on the part of a professional, that is clear in which parts to apply and in which not to apply. The procedure should be done in a place where complications can be handled.

What complications you can expect:

  • Bruises
  • Small bleeds
  • Very superficial irregularities.

At what age is this type of procedure recommended?

There is no specific age since the aging process is different in each person, but if you think that you no longer have that youthful look, or certain lines of expression are more evident, you are at the best moment, since you will not need anything else drastic and the results will be more natural in addition to prolonging your youthful appearance for longer.

The results are immediate if perhaps very little inflammation that will give in 1 to 3 days, the patient can return the same day of the procedure to their normal activities, in case of women even put on makeup.

Do not think twice and go to NuBody®, Dr. Gabriel Mecott, solve all your doubts.


We know you have a thousand questions in terms of prices, the procedure it self, risks and others. At the assessment appointment we will answer even the slightest doubt you have before starting your treatment.

The time is running and your time is now, consult with experts and make the decision that will change your life.


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