With IPL Hair Removal (intense pulsed light) your skin is free of hair and even more beautiful.

Hair removal with IPL or intense pulsed light has a wider spectrum of light than LASER, so it is effective against different shades of body hair, unlike LASER that only attacks a specific color. It produces less heat and is less aggressive for the skin, without losing its effectiveness.

Body hair has always been a headache especially for women, who continuously resort to different depilatory methods.

The techniques are multiple, however many of these are painful or do not have the expected results.

IPL Depilation is a progressive cosmetic hair removal method that has action in both men and women, it is exactly photoepilation with intense pulsed light, a non-invasive process that is developed with a technology that promotes the production of collagen in the skin, stimulating the pore and reducing the appearance of hair. It works with a light that moves in all directions, handling variations of intensity wave.

How does it work?

In the case of IPL, the light emitted is not a continuous beam, but as its own name indicates is applied by pulses of light. This pulse of light causes an increase in temperature in areas with more melanin, especially in dark hairs, so that the root ends up burning just like the laser.

Who is a candidate?

The operating characteristics of pulsed light make this system can be adapted to many photo types and conditions, thanks to its variable wavelength, so it can be valid for both darker and bluer hairs. Of course, its effectiveness will always be greater the lower the photo type.

How many sessions are needed?

The number of sessions varies depending on the area to be treated or the thickness of the hair, of course, aspects such as skin tone or skin thickness should also be taken into consideration, the truth is that at a general level you could expect very good results after six or eight sessions and in the case of men from 8 to 10.

It is usually left at least 1 month between session and session, which is the time in which the hair will grow back and be at the perfect length to reapply the procedure.

Is there any subsequent care?

As most treatments of this type there are some aftercare, such as keeping the area depilated away from sunlight and moisturize constantly for at least 2 weeks, otherwise, the method promises to eliminate the annoying hair that could appear in a few years, but much thinner and easier to eliminate.


We know you have a thousand questions in terms of prices, the procedure it self, risks and others. At the assessment appointment we will answer even the slightest doubt you have before starting your treatment.

The time is running and your time is now, consult with experts and make the decision that will change your life.


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