I did the Lipo with Vaser: NuAbs and the outcome is spectacular

 NuAbs: know the testimony of one of our patients who underwent liposculpture with Vaser.

Hello, since the beginning of the year I had the “tickle” of trying the famous Hi-Lo Lipo with Vaser: NuAbs (In other places it is also known as Lipo HD, Lipo 3D)

Firs let me tell you that all last year I was doing a routine of exercise and nutrition that really gave me good results, but despite the hours invested in the gym had not been able to achieve the definition in the muscle I was expecting, well I did not notice it ” marked “as I should, considering my diet and everything.

I do not know if it’s the age, I’m already in my 30s, and the body definitely does not react the same as it did at 20.

I started to investigate and discovered the “celebrity secret”: a new generation of liposculpture that can help shape the muscles by removing excess fat that does not notice.

I decided to go to NuBody with Dr. Gabriel Mecott for my assessment appointment and at the appointment he told me that it was precisely the ideal profile for this procedure, since if there is a cap on the amount of fat that can be “removed” in a liposuction, so that people with more fat would not have the same results as the people who presented less.

Among other things, Dr. Gabriel Mecott told me that thanks to the new Vaser technology – which is ultrasound-assisted liposuction – the results are much better than traditional lipo.

With this not only is the trauma in the tissues is relatively minor due to the heat generated to break down the fat cells, the generation of collagen and elastin in the dermis is stimulated at the same time, which translates into a better contraction of the skin.

Then you avoid that it looks hanging or flaccid and that naturally sticks to the muscle making this liposculpture look great.

And that is how 4 months ago I decided to enter the operating room. As I lead a very healthy life, with good nutrition and exercise, I also do not smoke or drink. There was no special care before doing the procedure.

The operation took approximately 5 hours and the areas that were worked were: arms, abdomen, back, and thighs.

Ah, it forgot to tell you something very important, Dr. Gabriel Mecott also offered to make me the Brazilian Butflift taking advantage of the time in the operating room and the extracted fat.

The Brazilian Buttlift is to infiltrate the fat extracted from the lipo, to give more volume, fill some irregularity (nobody is 100% symmetrical) and emphasize hip to achieve a more curvilinear silhouette.

And well I also did it, hahaha.

My recovery was quite tolerable, 3 days of total rest, on the 4th day I went to the office and did my daily activities. I’m not going to lie, you go out very sore and the pain persists for at least 5 days, but nothing to worry about.

The first 15 days if I was bloated and still the changes were evident. For the month I started to see how the final results would really be, and WOW.

I do not even want to tell you how happy I was this summer, feeling great on the beach with my bikini, a dream come true.

Now I can see my progress in the gym, my muscles are defined, especially those of the thighs and arms.

Honestly one of the best decisions I have had and that gave me many satisfactions, I recommend them totally. Do not wait any longer to be as happy as I am.

A special thanks to Dr. Gabriel Mecott and all his staff for their patience with my doubts, their treatment and professionalism.



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  1. Those that do not have good skin elasticity are not suitable candidates for this surgery.  However, some patients with poor skin elasticity are happy with the results even with the slightly wrinkled look of the skin.


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