Mommy Makeover – testimony of a patient-

My Mommy Makeover story

Hi, I am a Dr. Gabriel Mecott’s patient, my procedure: Mommy Makeover. I was asked to share my experience and glad to do so,  I hope you like it and above all, serve as a reference to encourage you.


Part 1

I tell you that in just a week I will be entering the operating room, to perform a Mommy Makeover, I will not deny that I feel nervous, after all,  it is not something every day the put in the hands of a surgeon to repair the damage that the pregnancy has left in your body.

I was not always enthusiastic about plastic surgery, on more than one occasion I was a detractor and I judged acquaintances that according to me I had taken the “easy route”.

But after having a twin pregnancy I could understand that it is difficult to live with the “scars of war” that motherhood can leave on the body and even more on self-esteem.

For more diet and exercise there is a part of my abdomen that simply does not respond, it is like when a league stretches too much and remains permanently watery.

Here are some pictures of how I am today. As you can see it was like a balloon that despite the fact that it adds the belly, still there without answering, my belly but expanded so much that it seems to have a hernia, if I do sit-ups I can fit up to 4 fingers in a kind of groove that form my muscles abdominals that were separated.


Breast enlargement? Why not, if we are already in this.

Also as you can appreciate I do not have (nor have I had) a lot of boobs so I will take advantage of the occasion and in passing increase my size !!!

To decide the size of the breast implant, Dr. Gabriel Mecott uses a trial prosthesis that with the help of a tight top gives you a very good idea of the correct size, of course, before he asks you what is the ideal you are looking for.

Curiously ALL we ask that they look natural, but an anatomical or drop-shaped prosthesis, will not give volume at the top as most expected, in my case between 335 ml and 355 ml round implant not with much projection in front but a little wider.


Dr. Gabriel Mecott is also going to do liposuction on my waist and thighs and I will relocate the fat where it is needed, in my case, the butt. Actually, I always considered myself a good butt but after seeing an angle in the photos of the appointment, I realized that I might need volume in the upper part of the buttock to improve my “derrière”


Part 2

Today is the exact week since my Mommy Makeover surgery with Dr. Gabriel Mecott of NuBody, I tell you how it was.

I make a parenthesis to tell them that during 2 months before the surgery I was doing the NuBody Challenge in order to have more “skin” to cut and less fat to suck and that the 3 procedures I had were the same day.

Day 1 – The one of the surgery. 6 hours of fasting and as much courage as possible. It was a somewhat long surgery but I did not even notice, in fact when I woke up it was very nice and talkative, no tremor after anesthesia, no desire to vomit, no more thirst had, that night can eat something light.

Day 2 – Day of returning home, basically lying down, but I was able to climb the stairs and go to the bathroom all stooped and very slowly. The truth is that blessed drugs, make you feel the best, zero pain if anything the position that should have was uncomfortable, which is basically sitting almost to stretch the newly stretched abdomen. Oh, and the drains, those are a show, more than painful are uncomfortable and you have to do a daily count of the number of fluids.

For this day I had a private nurse to help me with the drains and consent, hahaha, good thing is that the truth can intimidate many and what better to have someone used to those things.

I will not lie, if it is very uncomfortable to have a drain in the coccyx, I cannot bathe, after a while also hurts the back, I imagine that the position in which all your weight falls at the waist and for this day you begin to feel a little pain as if you had done a lot of exercise in the areas of the lipo, as much sensitivity in the skin.

Day 3- Appointment with the doc. After Doc. Gabriel Mecott reviewed me, he took off one of the most uncomfortable drains that are the coccyx, which made it difficult for me to rest properly, and there were only two drains that compared to the aforementioned are nothing. That same day, Doctor Gabriel gave me the green light to bathe me.

And the truth it wasn’t so bad if you have the help, but it hurts all over when you remove the post-operatory belt and you can feel somewhat dizzy, very similar to the first bath after a c section. The indication was to rest and continue counting the number of fluid drains, which in total must be less than 75ml.

Day 4- Along with day 3 one of the heaviest ones, since now I like that the body drops 20 of everything they took, they vacuumed, pulled and cut. But with much rest, Netflix and analgesics go relatively fast.

That and continue with the count of the drains to be removed as soon as the goal of least count is reached. I slept better but I was hallucinating the drains.

Day 5- Without much news, I am still at rest, I saw all series that had been truncated, some movies and I am entering a horrible desire to feel so incapacitated, but I remind myself that we must take advantage and sleep as much as possible, finally not I can waste that I hired a nurse and they are taking care of the children.

As for the pain, it still bothers me to pass my hand through the areas of the lipo, tremendous bruises began to appear, I am recommended to take arnica pills and the nurse passes me arnica tea stimulations when I take a bath.

Of the tummy tuck the annoyance is that I cannot stop right or stretch, basically, I have that part of my body asleep, like when I had a cesarean section. Of breast enlargement, ZERO discomfort, I do not know if my body is focused on other pains or what but in truth, no discomfort.

Day 6- At last the fluid count of the drains decreased from 75 ml in 24 hours, Doc Mecott gives me an appointment in the afternoon to remove the drains. And I do not need my beloved nurse anymore.

Day 7 – The absence of drains is really wonderful, I can even try to sleep a little on the side because my back is killing me.

By the way, every day is less pain in the skin of the liposuction treated area, I am with many bruises and still inflamed abdomen, but what can I expect after doing 3 surgeries on the same day!

I share photos the truth I did not want to take pictures with the drains to avoid frightening. These are from day 6, my nurse took them, so I ask them for compression if they are not super photos. Very soon I will share the photos and the review of the appointment on day 8, which is when I will remove the stitches.


Part 3

Well, I went to have my stitches removed, this was day 8, I’m not going to lie, I’m still half stooped and slowly, I still have a lot of bruises but the arnica pills are fading relatively fast.

It did not hurt me at all to have my stitches removed, literally, it hurt me more to take off and put on the girdle for the process since it is very tight and my body is still inflamed.

In the house, I still cannot carry heavy things and calculate every movement so as not to strain the abdomen, every day I sleep better and it is amazing how each day the pain becomes the only annoyance.

Breast augmentation 10 days later


I am somewhat traumatized by the size of my breasts, of having “freckles” for breasts to have volume, if I feel very leafy, Doc. Gabriel Mecott, assures me that in 6 months I will be sorry for not having put more, I hope So be it.

My abdomen is still inflamed in what I imagine is still the natural post-operation repair process. I know that time is very important to see the final results, it is also too early to really appreciate the benefits.

Yes, I have the waist that I had NEVER had and the curve of the booty on the hip is very nice, very feminine.

I’d better give you the pictures so they can see, do not be scared, I still have a lot of bruises and the “scarf” looks great, but it does not hurt at all, I have all that area of the abdomen asleep. I already had a decent navel again.

Liposculpture, abdominoplasty and breast augmentation 10 days after surgery.

I have an appointment, a month after surgery, I will share photos so they can appreciate the progress.

I know I still look like Frankenstein’s girlfriend but I’m sure the results will be great. That yes, you have to make a balanced diet to not recover the “fat” that hurts so much that you suck.

Parte 4

It’s been 31 days since surgery, it’s amazing how fast time passes.

I tell you that I have a completely normal life, of course without doing much effort or carrying heavy things, I no longer have bruises although I still have sensitive parts of my body where the liposculpture was performed.

Today I can say that I have 7 cm less in the waist area, a flat abdomen and I’m a cup size C. I cannot be happier with the result.

Dr. Gabriel Mecott tells me that I still have to deflate myself completely, which means that if I continue to take care of my diet and exercise moderately, I will look even more stylized.

In my total experience, I tell you that if you can make this Mommy Makeover, it will change your life, I feel great, very happy to have encouraged and I do not even remember if I suffered a lot or not the first two weeks, I see it so far. I share some photos:


Also some recommendations:

1. Carrying a diet and healthy life increases the chances of being able to do the largest number of procedures in the same operation. So bye-bye cigars and welcome vegetables.

2. Yes, ask for at least 15 days of vacation. I asked for 2 and a half weeks and I can say that I was still walking slowly and I was a bit stooped, and by the third week it was almost like nothing.

3. Of the 3 procedures, breast enlargement was the most comfortable, you can almost operate on a Friday and go to work on Monday and as if nothing. The abdominoplasty is very similar to the cesarean section, in not carrying heavy things and walking slowly, in the end, the whole area remains asleep. Liposculpture, that did bother me more, if it hurts but nothing that cannot stand, but hurts.

4. As you have to literally live with the post-operative girdle day and night, I recommend buying 2, since you cannot put it in the dryer. Those that are then after the operation has closure on the sides and can get a little bit, after 3 weeks you can use a non-closure that is more comfortable to use but more painful to put on. In total, I bought 3.

5. Although the belt has a large hole through which you can go to the bathroom and all without getting dirty, I recommend you perform your operation right after your menstrual period so you are more recovered when you return and have more practice with the belt.

Well this is my story, I hope it has been helpful.


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