Vaser Liposuction: the new generation of technology for your beauty

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction has arrived, it’s Vaser!

And what is that? you will ask yourself. The new generation of Vaser liposuction technology brings great benefits for you as a patient and for your plastic surgeon.

Among the most prominent is that thanks to this technology less damage to the body, that is, there is less trauma, before it required great effort on the part of the surgeon to extract by means of the cannula the fat of the body, and the truth is that The friction cannula hurt the tissues and structures considerably, having more fat loss and consequently a longer and more painful recovery.

Today, thanks to Vaser® – this is what is called pro ultrasound technology – you can perform a liposuction, not only more efficient but more detailed, now you can really “sculpt” the body, define the muscles by removing the surrounding grease without fear of damaging any structure, you can mark the squares of the abdomen, define the silhouette, etc.

Another of the great benefits and that comes as a side effect is that thanks to ultrasound the skin adheres more quickly to the body, that is to say, it does not stay hanging, because you may not know it, but one thing is the slice with fat and another is the skin that surrounds it, if your skin is not so elastic (for age) of course you can remove the localized fat but your body will take longer to tighten the skin so that the effect is complete, now with the Vaser® your skin tenses more easily achieving spectacular results.

But we better invite you to Dr. Gabriel Mecott not explain in more depth the subject.

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