Blepharoplasty, the operation that will refresh your visage


One of the procedures that has the most aesthetic benefits since one of the more annoying signs of age are the bags under the eyes.

Both the upper eyelids falling progressively, and the lower eyelids with the familiar formation of bags, can make our eyes age, and in general, our face looks an aspect with which we are not satisfied.

This can be due to several factors, in most cases, it is usually due to poor diet, not enough sleep, or in general a lack of prolonged and severe rest in time.

This causes our body to retain liquids, and mostly fat, thus forming bags in the eyes and creating an excess of skin that causes the patient to be aesthetically impaired.

In many cases, the genetic aspect also influences, if in our family we have a history of bags in the eyes, it will be more likely that we will suffer from it too.

Blepharoplasty is the aesthetic surgery recommended for these cases, with it it is possible to eliminate the bags in the eyes that had acquired a permanent character since in many cases, before resorting to surgery, it is tried with creams or home remedies.

In some cases, this can be an appropriate solution, especially if the problem is not very accentuated. If, on the other hand, a significant improvement is not achieved, with the aesthetic intervention, we will obtain magnificent results eliminating those annoying bags and recovering the vitality of our eyes.

The majority of patients who resort to Blepharoplasty to solve problems with their eyelids are usually over 40 years old, although in the case of bad habits of rest, or above all have a family history and are developing in one It is very possible that this age drops significantly.

Before the Blepharoplasty a consultation will be maintained with the surgeon who will carry it out where the procedure will be explained and a series of slogans will be given to make the operation easier.

It is important to know what the expected result is, and not to have a high euphoria for the post-intervention aspect, because although great results are achieved, it is surgery and not magic.

Each patient will have a different individual situation, but should know that in cases where the patient suffers from retinal detachment, glaucoma, lack of tears or high blood pressure among other situations, it is possible that the surgeon requires an ophthalmological review before Blepharoplasty, for example, to make sure that the patient is in an acceptable state to carry out the operation.

Finally, do not forget to consult with experts who can clarify your doubts accurately.

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